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At Angle Salon, we offer a variety of hair services to cater to your unique preferences and needs. Our talented hairstylists are committed to providing you with exceptional results that leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

Hair services encompass a wide range of professional treatments and techniques designed to enhance the health, appearance, and style of your hair. From precision haircuts and vibrant hair color to specialized treatments and styling, our experienced hairstylists are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired look and maintain the health of your hair.

Types of Hair Services

  • Haircuts
  • Hair Coloring
  • Highlights and Lowlights
  • Balayage and Ombre
  • Hair Treatments
  • Styling and Blowouts
  • Perms and Texture
  • Hair Extensions

Haircut and Beard Services

Our haircut and beard services offer a comprehensive grooming experience that combines expert haircuts with precise beard shaping and maintenance. Whether you’re looking to refresh your hairstyle, achieve a well-groomed beard, or enhance your overall appearance, our skilled barbers are dedicated to delivering exceptional results that suit your unique style.


Our experienced barbers provide precision haircuts tailored to your preferences, face shape, and hair texture. From classic cuts to modern styles, we ensure that your haircut not only suits your personality but also complements your overall look. Whether you’re looking for a clean and polished cut or a trendy and edgy style, our barbers have the expertise to deliver your desired look.

Beard Grooming

Beard grooming is an art, and our barbers are masters of creating well-groomed, polished beards. Our beard services include shaping, trimming, and detailing to achieve the perfect beard length and style that suits your face shape and personal preferences. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring your beard looks neat, tidy, and enhances your overall appearance.

The Process

  • Consultation

  • Haircut

  • Beard Groomin

  • Styling

Benefits of Haircut and Beard Services

  • Personalized Grooming
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Expert Techniques
  • Effortless Style

To maintain your haircut and beard style, regular grooming and proper care are essential. Our barbers can provide advice on grooming routines, product recommendations, and tips for maintaining your desired look between appointments.

Balayage and Ombre

Balayage and ombre are two popular hair coloring techniques that create stunning gradient effects, adding depth and dimension to your hair. These artistic approaches to hair color offer a more natural, sun-kissed look that seamlessly blends multiple tones for a beautiful and dynamic result. Whether you’re seeking subtle highlights or a bolder transformation, balayage and ombre techniques can elevate your hair color and style.


Balayage, which means “sweeping” in French, involves painting or sweeping color onto the hair in a freehand manner. This technique creates soft and natural-looking highlights that mimic the way the sun naturally lightens hair. Balayage is versatile and can be tailored to your desired level of contrast and brightness. It’s an excellent choice for those who want a low-maintenance color option with a natural and lived-in appearance.


Ombre, meaning “shadow” in French, is a gradient hair color technique where the hair transitions from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter shade at the ends. The result is a striking contrast between the two tones, creating a bold and eye-catching effect. Ombre can be subtle with a gradual transition or more dramatic with a distinct color shift. This technique is ideal for individuals who want a noticeable and unique color transformation.

The Process

  • Consultation

  • Balayage Technique

  • Ombre Technique

  • Processing

  • Rinsing and Styling

Benefits of Balayage and Ombre

  • Customized Color
  • Low Maintenance
  • Natural Look
  • Dimension and Depth

To maintain the vibrancy and health of your balayage or ombre color, use color-safe hair care products, protect your hair from excessive sun exposure, and follow the recommendations of your colorist.

Creative Highlight and Threading

Creative highlight and threading are two distinct beauty services that offer unique ways to enhance your appearance. Creative highlights add dimension and vibrancy to your hair, while threading provides precise and intricate hair removal for beautifully shaped eyebrows. These services, performed with skill and artistry, allow you to express your individuality and highlight your natural beauty.

Creative Highlight:

Creative highlights are a modern approach to hair coloring that adds pops of color, dimension, and artistry to your hair. Instead of traditional uniform highlights, creative highlights involve using a variety of colors, placement techniques, and styles to create a customized and unique effect. Whether you’re aiming for subtle pastels, bold jewel tones, or a blend of hues, creative highlights allow you to experiment with color in a creative and artistic way.


Threading is a precise and ancient method of hair removal that focuses on shaping and defining the eyebrows. Using a fine cotton thread, skilled technicians remove unwanted hair from the follicle level, creating clean and well-defined eyebrow shapes. Threading is known for its precision, making it an ideal choice for achieving perfectly arched eyebrows with minimal discomfort.

The Process

  1. Creative Highlight: Skilled colorists begin by discussing your desired color palette and style. Using creative techniques like balayage, they strategically apply a range of colors to create a multidimensional effect that complements your hair’s natural movement.

  2. Threading: A cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the skin’s surface to gently pluck unwanted hair. The technician uses precise movements to shape the eyebrows according to your preferences and face shape.

Benefits of Creative Highlight and Threading

  • Personalized Style
  • Artistic Expression
  • Defined Features
  • Precision

After your creative highlight, use color-safe hair care products to maintain the vibrancy of your hair. For threading, follow aftercare advice provided by your technician to minimize redness and maintain your eyebrow shape.

Hair Spa

A hair spa is a luxurious and rejuvenating hair treatment that focuses on enhancing the health, strength, and appearance of your hair. Similar to how a spa experience relaxes and revitalizes your body, a hair spa provides your hair with the care it deserves. Through a combination of deep conditioning, massage, and specialized treatments, a hair spa nourishes your hair from root to tip, leaving it silky, shiny, and renewed.

The Hair Spa Experience

  • Consultation

  • Scalp Massage

  • Deep Cleansing

  • Conditioning Mask

  • Steam or Heat Treatment

  • Massage

  • Rinse and Cleanse

  • Styling

Benefits of Hair Spa

  • Nourishment
  • Hydration
  • Strengthening
  • Revitalization
  • Relaxation

To maintain the benefits of your hair spa, follow a regular hair care routine using recommended products and techniques. Use gentle cleansers, conditioners, and treatments to keep your hair healthy and vibrant.

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